Reporting in Indigenous Communities | Acknowledgements
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First and foremost, we’re grateful to the people who shared their stories with us, and those who assisted us on our reporting journeys into Indigenous communities:

Ernie Crey, Ruby Lawson, Charlene Taylor, Brenda Taylor, Edward Allen, Eugene Harry, Al Harry, Jane Wilson-Charlie, Members of the Shaker Church, Dennis Grewal, Dr. Bonita Beatty

We also wish to honour the many people without whom the Reporting in Indigenous Communities course would not have been possible:

Our Guest Speakers
Glen Coulthard – Professor (Political Science) – University of British Columbia
Debra Martel – Associate Director – University of British Columbia First Nations House of Learning
Ernie Crey – Policy Advisor – Sto:lo Tribal Council

Nadya Kwandibens – Redworks Photography
Joanne Archibald – Professor (Education) – University of British Columbia
John Lehmann – Visual Journalist – Globe and Mail
Michelle Alexandrovics Lovegrove – SBS/NITV (Australia)

Indigenous Communities
Squamish Nation
Sto:lo Nation
Sto:lo Tribal Council
Tsawwassen First Nation
Urban Vancouver

Additional thanks
Wayne Williams, Allison Broddle, Margaret Gallagher, Shiral Tobin, and Laura Palmer – CBC Vancouver and Cate Friesen – CBC Aboriginal.

Last but not least…

All of our friends, family and the Faculty and Staff at the UBC Graduate School of Journalism.