First and foremost, we’re grateful to the people who shared their stories with us, and those who assisted us on our reporting journeys into Indigenous communities:

Ruth Adams, Kim Baird, Andrew Bak, Alroy Baker, Val Billesberger, Alex Blackwell, Teya Blackwell, Keith Thor Carlson, Laura Cassidy, Chief Bob Chamberlin, Ernie Crey, Steven Eastmen, Andrew Van Eden, Raelene Esteban, Michael George, Nick George and the language class team, Alicia Giesbrecht, Clifford Gurniak, Ronnie Guss, David Gutierrez, Sam Gutierrez, Vicki Haberl, Ronnie Dean Harris, Lauren Hutchison, Andrea Jacobs, Brittany John, Dennis Joseph, Steven Kakinoosit, Amanda King, Lori Kelly, John Konovsky, Jessica La Rochelle, Shirley Ladner, Leonard Leboucan, Chris Lewis, Cory Lewis, Elaine Malloway, Frank Malloway, Ken Malloway, Cheryl Martin, Tom McCarthy, Stephen McGlenn, Sonny McHalsie, Tyrone McNeil, Shawana Michalek, Karl Morgan, Victoria Morgan, Latash Maurice Nahanee, Marissa Nahanee, Grand Chief Clarence Pennier, Rod Peters, Jessica Poirier, Arlene Proksa, Patricia Raymond-Adair, Joy Russell, Mary Sandoval, Dave Schaepe, Lori Snyder, Steve Stark, Ed Thomas, Brian Titus, Adina Williams, Tracy and Delmar Williams, Merle Williams, Lindsey Wilson, Cease Wyss, and Robert Yelton

We also wish to honour the many people without whom the Reporting in Indigenous Communities course would not have been possible:

Our Guest Speakers

Glen Coulthard – Professor (Political Science) – University of British Columbia
Debra Martel – Associate Director – University of British Columbia First Nations House of Learning
Ernie Crey – Chief – Cheam First Nation
Bob Chamberlin – Vice President – Union of BC Indian Chiefs
John Lehmann – Visual Journalist – Formerly with the Globe and Mail
Liv Inger Somby – Sami University College (Norway)
Michelle Alexandrovics Lovegrove – New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council (Australia)
Tristan Ahtone – Freelance Journalist (U.S.)

Indigenous Communities

Squamish Nation
Stó:lō Nation
Stó:lō Tribal Council
Tsawwassen First Nation
Urban Vancouver

Additional Thanks

Stephanie Brown and Stephanie Cram – CBC Indigenous. And to Rosanna Deerchild, Kim Wheeler and Michael Dick – CBC Unreserved.

Last but not least…

All of our friends, family and the Faculty and Staff at the UBC Graduate School of Journalism.