First and foremost, we’re grateful to the people who shared their stories with us, and those who assisted us on our reporting journeys into Indigenous communities:

Bernice Albert, Tony Albert, Rebecca Campbell, Vanessa Campbell, Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Tanya Corbet, Ernie Crey, Reba Deguevera, Darwin Douglas, Francine Douglas, Genevieve Douglas, Myron Douglas, Chantal Douglas, Nora Douglas, Bridget Doyle, Jolene Esau, Philomena Fraser, Ernest “Iggy” George, Ernie “Bones” George, Michael C. George, Michelle George, John Gladstone, StarLeigh Grass, Wendy Harry, Kolton Higginbottom, David Hill, Shaylen Jacobs, Art Johnson, Dennis Joseph, Doug Kessel, Kimberley Kessel, Donna Kondra, Tonya Lewis, Florence Lockyer, Diane McEachern, Peggy McCleod, Gary Mavis, Wes Nahanee, Kye Perkins, June Quipp, Crystal Quocksister, Patricia Raymond-Adair,  Henry Schooner, Jamie Siraj, Pano Skrivanos, Joey Starr, Eleanor Stephenson, John “Goody” Thomas, Luke Thomas, Rhonda Tommy, Andrew Van Eden, Peter Waugh, Chief Bill Williams, Chief Bryce Williams, Ian Wood, the Squamish Nation Trades Centre, the children and families who attend Roots & Ties

We appreciate and acknowledge the financial support for this project provided by the UBC Student Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund.

We also wish to honour the many people without whom the Reporting in Indigenous Communities course would not have been possible:

Our Guest Speakers

Glen Coulthard – Professor (Political Science) – University of British Columbia
Debra Martel – Associate Director – University of British Columbia First Nations House of Learning
Ernie Crey – Policy Advisor – Sto:lo Tribal Council
Ginger Gosnell-Myers – City of Vancouver
Colin Ward – Tsawwassen First Nation
John Lehmann – Visual Journalist – Globe and Mail
Patagaw Talimalaw – World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network (Norway)
Antonia Gonzales – Anchor – National Native News (USA)

Indigenous Communities

Squamish Nation
Sto:lo Nation
Sto:lo Tribal Council
Tsawwassen First Nation
Tsleil-Waututh Nation
Metro Vancouver Aboriginal Executive Council

Additional thanks

Wayne Williams, Elaine Chau, Yvonne Gall, Shiral Tobin, Laura Palmer – CBC Vancouver

Connie Walker, Cate Friesan – CBC Aboriginal

Last but not least…

All of our friends, family and the Faculty and Staff at the UBC Graduate School of Journalism.